2000 WORDS


Under this category you will find baby stories, fictional or not.

I tried to tell my children a joke the other day, a favourite of my dad’s. For my brother and I, it was the richness of his voice, the movement of his body that sucked us into his lines; I think I have said before, the telling was as good as the punch line.  Alas, I lacked the same appeal, I felt my delivery was as smooth, my body language as expressive, the ending brought two wry smiles but also the comment that I went on a bit and that I liked talking a lot.  I was then shown a meme and 20 seconds later a fail video.  I need more space.

Can you please sit down and just listen to me for a minute or two?

P1120321 I started this blog as a place to share and as a modern time capsule for my family because it seems to me, that nobody listens for any length of time, they certainly would not listen to 2000 of my words, all in one go.  Sometimes I need this amount to let my tales relax and breath. There is no blame, it is the millennial way, we swipe and scroll past so much information, that there is almost an inability to concentrate on more than a screaming headline and focussed picture before we like and move on.  I needed more time, so I began to write things down and store them.  The process has become more for me now, like a balm, I use the keys to tap away my feelings finding an equilibrium, setting free my thoughts so they do not churn around noisily banging into others and making something different.




2000 words, more or less can be considered a worthy length for a short story, it’s structure requires discipline, clarity and teaches me to edit.  It is also an excellent way to save little pieces of time that I have shared with others in my life so far.  The stories I will keep here are loosely based on real events.  It allows me to recall with a rusty memory and fill in the gaps with fiction.   So, children, you might find yourselves thinking, did that happen to us, the answer is, it probably did.

Here are my footprints