Campfire Stories


A Fight To The Death for my Bagel

My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited by one of my favorite humans  to share a few days at the top of this beautiful island.  It is at least a four and a half hour drive from where I live, and so to my shame, the last time I visited it must have been at least four years ago.  The thought of the journey is worse than the actual miles and the reward worth the dust on the car, so no excuse.

I found myself grateful, relaxed and alone embraced by a stunning start to the day on the beautiful Karikari peninsula wondering why it has been so long.  I popped the kettle on and pushed a fat bagel into the thin space of the toaster and prayed I would not burn the batch down before I opened the ranch sliders and breathed in the heavy salt-laden air. I had intended to set up a folding chair but the view had held on, I heard the bagel pop up and gave silent thanks for the toasters resolve.


Coffee made, bagel toasted I balanced my way back to the deck, put my breakfast on the ground while I went back inside to fetch the chair.  Apparently you never put food on the ground here, I apologise for my City brain, but seriously, a seagull eating my bagel within seconds, should I have foreseen that? It preferred the side with jam and with one foot on my plate was happily pecking to the loud encouragement of his gang on the roof line.  I shooed him off glad to have saved the savory side. I was wondering how much of the jam covered bread I could still eat without serious food poisoning and wrestling with the folding chair, when something warm brushed my leg.


The new thief, disguised with cute, preferred the side with Marmite and was pushing the remains of it around the deck with absolute joy. I tried to rescue my breakfast for the second time that morning, but the puppy was charming and playful. I was also concerned about his sudden appearance and let my guard down just long enough for the feathered thief to return to the scene of the crime to finish the job.  The dog, seagull and I fought for the bagel.

The coffee and view were good and too many carbs are bad for you anyway.

The real culprit just before he took off.  A bad pic but you could still see the jam on his beak. The header image is not mine I was too busy to get the shot!

Is anybody out there listening to me??

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