Advice Safe


Some words from the old girl in the boat up ahead

My husband is on the waiting list because death is not imminent and our medical insurance does not cover what ails him.  I have just been to the doctors and paid $55 to be told the mole that has appeared on the back of my thigh is not going to end my life but marks the end of my youth.  A full stop.  Apparently, at my age these things start to appear, I do not have to worry about death, just the slow decline.   Potentially this is depressing news.

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The Red Folder


Aubergine and Beef Curry receives rave reviews!

As you know by now a  recipe only goes in the Red Folder when it has been tried and tested and asked for repeatedly.  I recently supplied a little staff dinner for 35 and chose an aubergine and beef curry from my red bible.  It’s a Malaysian dish, the food from Malaysia is a rich blend of Chinese, Indian and of course, Malay.  Together these influences blend to make subtle and deep flavours which are not at once familiar.  For this reason,  I was worried about serving it.  I nearly went for a clay pot chicken which I have marked with a big red star at some point.

P1120744 (2)

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The Red Folder


Filo Parcels – how to fold the perfect triangle

Anything in pastry sells at the canteen, so parcels of yummy, regularly appear on the menu, they sell out fast.  I alway use a triangle shape when using filo because it is easy, cooks well and has great plate appeal.  I churn them out without thinking but people are always asking me how to do it.  It seems so simple, I feel silly doing this but I guess unless you have been shown, you do not know.  Here we go then.  Kids make a batch of these, eat them hot, cold, dinner, lunch or picnic.

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Campfire Stories


You Have Runners Legs

I don’t know why I run.  It started at school.  I was tall and skinny, a matchstick girl with runners legs. I would always come 2nd or 3rd in the sprints but a convincing first at any distance over 800m.  My school athletics future was set at 9, middle distance running and high jump, spaghetti legs scissor kicked me to first place until the flosbry flop, I just could not commit.

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Campfire Stories


I just want a Lie in!

I was riding a goldfish, searching for an elusive treasure, sure I would find it on the next dive when my dream began to melt away.   Back in bed wide awake, I knew that it was sleep that I would have to find now.  The goldfish swam away and would have to search alone. I had been rudely dismounted by the noise of a chainsaw.

I gave up, so was up early once more, on a Saturday morning.  My neighbour’s attempts the day before to squeeze a 30 ft palm into a  6 ft skip had failed and he was back this morning with grit, 300 teeth and a can of petrol.  I got up, made a coffee, put some washing on and took the rubbish out, and found in the process, a plastic dial I had discovered abandoned on the floor of my daughters’ car.  The spindle had broken, I had brought it in to fix it some weeks ago.  Coffee made, paper down, super glue out, I would make use of the Saturday void, nobody else wanted to start the day just yet.

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Daiquiri – The little black dress of cocktails

Three ingredients, with easy to remember measures, make this cocktail one to master, you can make a spectacular amount of cocktails with a bottle of white rum, sugar syrups and a citrus fruit.

Sugar syrup is used in lots of cocktails. Because sugar will not dissolve in cold liquid you have to dissolve it first in boiling water and leave it to cool.  Basically, put some white granulated sugar in a cup, cover with boiling water, stir, leave to cool and keep in an airtight container in the fridge.  Will keep indefinitely.

Classic Daiquiri Recipe

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Campfire Stories


SEO and my Blog.  I have no idea

Last day of this process.  I have read everything and clicked through a lot of blue windows.  I now know that  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.   I  knew that when I asked Google he answered.  I never, ever thought about how he found it.  Like the kids, clothes are worn and dropped, then appear laundered and folded, it just happens!

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Campfire Stories


Boys, Stop drawing penises on my blackboards

other than that you are OK

I have been working in an all boys school for the last year and a half now. I took the job to do a ‘Jamie Oliver’ with the food in the canteen or tuck shop, depends on who you ask. I have fed so many people from many different places.  The rules of food prep and service remain constant, the logistics are the slippery beast, but that’s another Blog.  I have popped a little tool into my knife roll from each job. On the whole, here my learning has been about the adaptation of familiar recipes so I can cook them in astounding quantities and the fight to balance healthy eating, with a low price point.  I have found that adolescent boys like to eat food they can hold, whilst karate kicking another boy, it must also be the size of their head and cost less than $2.50.

 The real learning for me has been about the boys themselves.  Girls Rule OK, but boys are pretty cool too.  They just do stupid stuff.

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