Advice Safe

cropped-20180224_124936-2.jpgSometimes I feel

I look through my feet to the glittery water caught in the V of the horizon. My tummy is fat with brown bread and cheese, there was not much choice for a vegetarian, so I washed it down with champagne and was grateful.  I watch a pukeko stupid walk towards the long grass, squawking loudly to warn her chick to stay down, ‘there is a human out here, a human, stay hidden’ she says again I focus on my shoes, they are black and have molded to fit my feet perfectly.  They do not match my octopus print dress but it is a wedding by the beach; the tentacles on the fabric reach my ankles anyway, so I guess it’s alright, no one can see much of them. They are my comfortable shoes.  Today I am relaxed and comfortable, like my shoes, but sometimes I feel





and forgotten.


Sometimes I feel I have been left high and dry,


or used for an occasion.


Sometimes I feel worn out,


overworked and rushed.


Sometimes I feel anxious and jittery,


at others, I feel patient and calm.


Sometimes I have felt excluded


sad and broken.


But mostly I feel snugly

credit LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images



thankful for friends and family

Pierre Corthay shoes

and just, well………. fabulous.


Today I feel comfortable and relaxed.  I love my black shoes, this day and my octopus print dress.


To my children.  Emotions slip on and off like shoes, it’s Ok, just wear them xx

14 thoughts on “Advice Safe

    1. I know, The designer makes a purple version with satin bows, how dandy. Thanks for the ups! I love shoes too. I have been taking pictures of abandoned ones for a while now and when I saw the broken one I thought I feel like that sometimes!!!


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