People I love and know

The man who puts maggots in his mouth

Hey, Ashley – tell me why you love fishing.

The question on everyone’s lips I’m led to believe is ‘why do I go fishing?’ The honest answer is ‘I don’t know’, I’ve never stopped to think about it. It’s something I’ve always done from a small boy and assumed it was a natural Father/Son type scenario, but let’s break it down. I thought about the easy get out clause, the mountaineers who cite their reason for climbing Everest as ‘because it’s there’. Now that I’m forced to delve into the deepest darkest parts of my mind,  I believe I can shed a little light on the matter. From as far back as I can remember, my Father was a staunch sea angler, with his own boats, and donned the stereotypical attire inclusive of the big knitted jumper, woolly bobble hat and wellies. Sea angling naturally culminated in bags of dead fish in the kitchen and trophy shots of lifeless specimens. It is here that I think the first of my distinctions can be made. I hated the killing of fish and would run around the boat trying to revive the multitude of deceased Mackerel that lay strewn about the deck, having met their grizzly end in such unceremonious circumstances. I vividly remember my Father making me hold an orange Tupperware bowl with a lid on encasing a flat fish of some sort which flapped occasionally in defiance of its inevitable end. To this day I don’t eat fish of any kind and still find the sea fishing ethic very hard to stomach.

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People I love and know

DRUMMING- the man behinds the beats.


Hey Mark – tell us a bit about yourself

What made you start playing the drums?

I’ve wanted to play drums since I was 7 years old, however was made to learn the piano as that was what my parents felt was the way to go. I had the best piano teachers (highly sought after) at the time in Mumbai, a German couple who had settled there, a Mr. & Mrs. Harry Littler and they were very fond of me, keeping me there for hours, which would infuriate me. I used to then throw a tantrum on returning home…finally managed to get out of piano lessons in my final year of school, due to exams. Continue reading “People I love and know”

People I love and know

Hey Janice – tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello to all Elaine’s blog followers – I am her mum, Jan Mount.  She recently asked me to do a piece for her blog.    My lovely daughter left England for NZ seven years ago and I miss her  terribly.  No-one else on this planet can make me laugh so much that I cry, and I’m still laughing at her hilarious accounts on Facebook,  and now on her blog, so I’m more than happy to be a small part of it.P1100830
My parents, two brothers and a sister, are all Londoners.  My father, Sam, found work in Maidstone, in Kent as an engineer and shifted my mum, Rose, and my siblings down to a rented semi in what they first thought was a God forsaken part of the world – the countryside – just before World War 2.  Why he became an engineer was both innovative and brilliant on his part, because he was trained as a hairdresser in his father’s shop on the Isle of Dogs!  (Millwall for the uninitiated).   Actually, one of the chapters in my book is about this area back in the day.  You should read it!  My mum was considered the local beauty when she arrived on the scene of a rural Kentish village, with her latest London styled Eton Crop hair and red lipstick -what a hussy!  She was full of life and a real comic – a proper Eastender.  Quite the opposite to my intellectual, very serious father, but they were a good match and loved each other to bits. Continue reading “People I love and know”