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My Dog – I love him but he is so Random

Blue is my dog, well the family dog, but he is my responsibility obviously I am the mother!  One of the things that we promised the children when we moved to New Zealand was that we would get a dog, and my husband was stalling. I was hurrying back to my car after a hair appointment when I happened to see a sign in a pet shop window announcing puppies.  Wow, divine intervention, a sign, our dog has arrived.  I confidently asked the shop assistant about the puppies, looking through the shop with exaggerated head movements so she could appreciate my shiny new locks, but she did not need to answer I heard the howl.

29.12.07 006

I pushed aside the preschool children to get a better look, are these the puppies I threw back to the uninterested girl, my hair felt good, yep she hit back.  They are quite big how old are they, not wanting to give my space up at the pen I continued to hold a long distance conversation.  The girl thought…. Would you like to hold one?  the Manager appeared with a key and opened the door, we were inside.  Ahh can we hold one was the collective response from outside of the cage.

Can we hold one, please, please?

There were five black and white collies and I bent down to pick up the smallest.  Her facial markings were perfectly symmetrical and she snuggled in and willed me not to put her back down.  As I tickled her soft pink belly I became aware of a weight on my back and yes the definite sensation of being licked, but not on my skin, what was that?  I felt the back of my head and discovered an oozing mess of hair and saliva, I let Miss perfect pup down and stood up, wondering where I could wipe my hands, the Manager was looking the other way if I could just…..he turned, I jumped as he placed another delicate puppy into my chest, I grabbed it instinctively and crouched down again, not sure if I had been the victim of a poltergeist visit or if one of the kids had done something unspeakable from outside the cage,  a large puppy barged its way into my space and jumped up into my lap displacing its litter mate.  The Manager picked it up, but not before it had licked my entire face, the consistency was recognisable, the phantom head licker stared at me desperately trying to escape.  The manager put it down, he is the male of the litter, rather confident little chap, now where’s that bitch you liked.

I wanted a puppy so bad, the kids wanted a puppy so bad!

An hour later I was home packing my reluctant husband and excited kids into the car,  please, please dad, can we have a puppy, silence, not the best response but I was hopeful Miss perfect would melt his heart.  She certainly melted mine and the children’s when we were holding her twenty minutes later, the second choice pup had been sold in the meantime and I felt anxious that the deal was escaping.  Look I cooed she is so pretty, I held her up, Lion King style.  She looks timid, what about that one, we turned to look at the big, fat male who was barging the smaller ones away from the water bowl, no I said he is disgusting, I felt the back of my head, look at this littleIMG_5569 girl, she is so sweet.

Another couple arrived I wanted a puppy so bad, the children wanted a puppy, I put Miss perfect down and she made her take me home eyes at the new folks.  I gritted my teeth and patted my lap in the direction of fatty,  he needed little encouragement and flew into me.  That’s the one my husband decided.  I weighed it up, we did want a puppy, my husband turned to walk out, wait I heard myself, done we will take this one. Really said the Manager, he cleared his throat, I mean good choice, he is nice and strong. I held the dog up to my face and whispered into his neck, please be good, we need good, he licked my head and made no promises.  My adventures with Blue had begun.

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