Blue Talk


Daylight savings 5th May 2014

I love walking on the beach with my dog and I love daylight savings; the dog and I can walk on the beach anytime with light hearts, yippee. No small children building castles for Blue to pee on, no old people with food that Blue can beg for, no fishermen with bait buckets that Blue can steal from. Unfortunately the stiff winds driving rain and high tide did not deter the bad tempered man with a metal detector,(where was he when I lost my f…..g keys and had to walk home with no shoes wet pants holding Blue by the collar) Blue barks predictably as he thinks the man is holding a long stick, my shouts are lost to the wind, man holds up metal detector in threatening manner, Blue sees only that the man is assuming the position of a stick thrower, so barks and jumps higher. Man walks off shouting profanities at me, comes back as he had forgotten his bag and a large wave had taken it in to the stormy sea. I get another load of abuse and have to roll jeans up to retrieve said bag, It never ends. I hate Walking on the beach with my dog.

Is anybody out there listening to me??

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