An ordinary life

I stopped during my beach dog walk this morning feeling that something was not quite right. Looking down I confirmed the problem ; one trainer was mine, the other was Peter’s. I looked around to see if people were staring and pointing at the weird dog lady, but everyone was just going about their business.

Back from the grromers

One family were taking pictures at various spots along the beach. Mum and daughter taken by dad, dad and mum, taken by daughter….’.Hey’ I intervene ‘would you like a picture of all three of you?’ after a brief confab they hand me the camera and assume a pose. I bend down on one knee (to hide the odd shoe) for the best angle when a gust of wind blows what I assume is sand all over me and the camera. ‘Oh dear’ I say making the cat being sick noise (not wanting to spit in public) and brushing myself down. ‘I think there might be sand in your camera, I’m terribly sorry I don’t know where that came from’. It was then I noticed a small mahogany box tucked under the daughter’s arm and the look of horror on the parent’s faces. ‘Ummm….we were saying Good Bye to Honey, our Golden Retriever, dad smiled, ‘she was 13.’ He looked at the box, I looked at the box, daughter tried to hide the box. ‘Oh’ I say ‘I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t actually take a picture.’ awkward silence. ‘Ok then’, I sing song brightly, ‘better get my collie home. Blue…….Blue……..BLUE….Really it wasn’t that funny

Is anybody out there listening to me??

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