Jokes and Ditties

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Beautiful Decay


My bones are shrinking in size and density, making them weak and more susceptible to fracture so I must watch my step. My Muscles feel weaker and I am not as bendy. I think I have got a bit shorter.


My digestive system, my large intestine to be exact, is undergoing structural changes which means I must eat more fiber.  My bladder is becoming less elastic and, along with my pelvic floor muscles, is getting weaker.  I now understand the adverts.

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Jokes and Ditties


I Call To My Cat – in an egg timer kind of way


“Twinkle”…….I call my cat she ignores me

“Hey beautiful.” I plead into the dark

She hears me………. I know it

I whistle our food call

Again I am ignored

“Come on girl…….

Come inside”



It’s cold

She is shadows

I am not necessary

“Come on ……..I have food”

I shake the box…..”your favorite”

She smiles in the dark, hidden from me

 I need her…………….. more than she needs me






Jokes and Ditties

P1110846 (2) I hate you alphabetically speaking, you’re not OK.

My mum used to sing the song, maybe to me, maybe to my babies, I am not sure.  I do remember bouncing my daughter up and down, singing it to her, and then later, my daughter and I sang it to my son.  Later still we all sang this together in the car on long journeys.  We sing it to each other still, the words have altered slightly over the years.  Play the original then scroll down and read to the music to see how we now sing it.  Feel free to do a soft shoe shuffle during the instrumental section. Continue reading “Jokes and Ditties”

Jokes and Ditties

cropped-p1100192.jpgHe just keeps on running

I wrote this for my son when he was six, the rest of the family were trying to eek out the last of the Saturday morning sleep in and he had got up to get ready for his first football game.  He is a good little long distance runner now, so still running but without quite so much mess.  I leave it here now, to remind him to be patient if he ever has a little runner of his own.




He opened his eyes and jumped out of bed, off down the hall he eagerly sped

Into the bathroom to visit the loo, did the thing there that all of us do

Out through the door with a speeding of pace, oops, back again quickly to wash hands and face

He must wash his hands as he’d been to the loo, it does waste some time, but you really should do.

Back through the door to the kitchen he raced, grabbing a bowl, not a second to waste

He needed a spoon and some milk from the fridge, allowed honey on Weet-bix but only a smidge

The doors were all  banging as he opened and shut, from out of the bedroom he heard a loud tut

                   SLOW DOWN DAVID

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