Jokes and Ditties


Incy Got the Sack –

He is now hanging in my garage.

Incy wincy spider was late for work again

he was sick and tired 

of being washed out by the rain.

He’d been totally delighted

when at first he’d got the job

but now he was regretting

the daily soggy slog.


Incy Wincy spider made it to the spout

he was late, drops began

to try and wash him out.

He was at the bottom

when he should’ve been up the top

there was nothing for it

he didn’t want the chop, so..


Incy Wincy spider tried to climb the spout

but down came the rain

and washed the spider out.

He was cross and grumpy

and swearing as he climbed

he had to suck it up though

 stick with the daily grind.


Out came the sunshine

and dried up all the rain

so Incy Wincy spider tried to climb again.

The sun had made the pipe  hot

it was burning all his feet

he was under stress now

the rhyme was incomplete.


Incy Wincy spider pleaded with his boss

down came the rules

he shouted and was cross.

Out came the papers

and Incy got the sack

so Incy Wincy spider

went on the benefit (sometimes reality doesn’t rhyme).

Remember these kids. Boingy spiders.







Is anybody out there listening to me??

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