Advice Safe


Under this category you will find all the advice my children will not listen to!

I will be like a meerkat and scream cobra.

When I started this blog, I wanted to lay down my own thoughts, those of a rambling middle-aged woman; in an attempt to ease the flow of a million ideas and thoughts.  I felt that if I caught them in the net of this site, they would be here to call upon, not have to be kept in my already over crowded mind.  I wanted it to be a place where friends and family could pop in and out collect what was needed, borrow and share ideas.  I also wanted it to be a place from which my children would draw inspiration, and learn the history of their family, pick up life tools and, of course, learn to cook for themselves!

It has become apparent that my children are no more interested in my written voice than they are my worldly one.  My posts puncture my son’s fast paced world of YouTube tutorials and cause annoyance, not enlightenment.  My words are missed by my daughters lightening scanning of all her feeds, her good intentions of reading later, when she has more time, escape her.  Fair enough, it’s their time, I do not want to force my world into theirs.  I have discovered a new family of amazing, supportive and talented bloggers who share truly amazing experiences and write from the soul, compensation enough.

I feel that much is lost in our whirlwind lives, and it is a common theme in my writing, I have discovered.  Thankfully our little family still come together at the dinner table every day, and we talk generally about our lives and the things we have heard or learned, all very relevant to the now, and I enjoy this time more than any in my day.  We laugh, argue, share, tease, complain, enjoy mostly, the food and give thanks for our healthy and privileged lives. It is not the place for sage words that could cushion life in the future.  They are simply not needed yet, but I know they will be. have a cunning plan, I will still give advice, but leave it in the Advice Safe.  I am thus relieved of my ancestral duty to pass down knowledge and even more appealingly,  I can still be heard from beyond the grave.  As always, there will be no particular filling system, I will pop things in this safe as I think about or come across them.  In truth, I suspect my children will be just fine without me, they have bright futures ahead of them and google knows all.  She does not know, what I do to my scrambled eggs to make them creamy, just how they like them, or the lullaby I used to sing them to sleep with (the one my mother sang to me) or what I used to remove that sticky stain.  This information is mine to share and sometimes you simply do not know enough to start your own search.  A long life gives us many tools, and even if the box is wrinkled, some of them will always work.

Find sage words, life hacks and did you know facts in the Advice safe category.  Not all will be mine and I will include some YouTube clips.


Parenting in 18 words

Keep your eyes open

Find joy

When it’s your turn to be a parent

Go with the flow

Do not judge

See the beauty

Been there – done that