Advice safe

Can you see what I see?

There is a walkway where I live.  At some point, the Council decided to make a coastal path over large pipes, by dumping tonnes of concrete, over the lot, or so I have been told.  It connects the bays along the foot of sandstone cliffs, who are forever moaning and crying down their rock tears. If you beware the sadness of the stones and do not mind being splashed by the sea, with guile and good timing, you can make it, from one plop of sand to the next even at the highest of tides.  Today, a weekend morning, a high tide, exceptional weather, and the excitement of the official start of summer created an ant line of us along this thin piece of concrete. Happy dogs, bare legs and the smell of sun cream moved along the path with alarming efficiency. Did anyone see what I saw?

A long woolen sock – cold and sodden – lost in a battle by a fisherman.

Designer glasses – used for cover – now broken and exposed.

A mango – a long way from home – lost by a monkey in India.

A little red boat – left high and dry – lost by a child with sand in their hair.

A white yacht shoe – no longer aboard – missed by its soul mate.

A fallen star – its purpose fulfilled – waiting for the end.

A watersport shoe – 1 – 0 to the sea – nature always wins.

Do I only see these things, the debris of life?  The ant line never stopped.  Sometimes the dog looks, but he only sees danger in the waves.

Hey you, daughter and son!!  It’s good to get off the track sometimes little ants.  Be mindful of your surroundings, experience more wonder and joy.

Thanks Ruth.  That’s Collie for danger alright!

7 thoughts on “Advice safe

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I was born in New Zealand (Christchurch) but left when I was a baby, I am always drawn to photos of the country, its so beautiful. Your snaps of lost and forgotten items could have been sad but the note you put with each one made it part of the natural order. Thanks for sharing.


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