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Weeds are just things in the wrong place

Here are a few I found out gardening today.   I have plenty and am happy to share, so I have made a catalogue for your convenience.  A one time special offer. Disclaimer – I am not an expert- reasonable terms.  You just have to help me move them from their current position.


Common daisy

Admired for its delicate white petals and popular with children, Bellis perennis is a very useful ground cover perennial. Excellent for dry, sunny areas with poor soil. They bloom profusely in the early summer and will dominate your lawn, and open up any cracks in your paving. Makes beautiful chains.P1130796 (2).JPG

Red clover

Trifolium pratense has a compact uniform habit spreading into a sizable patches. Masses of vibrant, dark pink flowers completely cover the plant in early summer for weeks on end making a spectacular sight in lawns. It’s creeping stems set roots at whatever point they touch the ground, ensuring you will never be without this plant once seeded. Guaranteed to attract stinging insects when you are barefoot.


Beaked hawksbeard

Crepis vesicaria, a European species of flowering plant in the daisy family is a delightful hairy annual, growing 120 cm tall. It produces a large underground rootstock, which once established will be impossible to remove from lawns.  Produces a  seed head which easily spreads itself throughout your garden so you only need one plant.


Creeping Oxtail

A charming white bloom atop heart shaped leaves, Oxalis exilisis stolon system is so efficient it allows it to spread at an alarming rate forming dense mats in your lawn. It is tolerant of many of the commonly used selective turf herbicides, so easy care and no watering.  An excellent ground cover plant happily spreading everywhere.


 Creeping speedwell

A selective and beautiful blue bell shaped flower found in Auckland and Palmerston North only.  It grows fast and low, so luckily when it forms thick mats in your lawn your lawn mower will not touch it and you can enjoy the rich profusion of flowers, which attract lots of flying insects, adding a protein hit to your chilled white wine, perfect for B.B.Q season.



Stellaria meduia is subtle and delicate in appearance.  It can germinate and grow at any time of the year, and commonly germinates in autumn and grows through winter, thus acting as a winter annual. You can happily weed all year long.  It also sticks to your clothing so you can enjoy this little blue flower inside too.


Giant buttercup

Ranunculus acris can grow up to 1m tall and from late spring to April it has yellow blousey flowers which have the ability to indicate if you like butter or not when held under your chin. Cow hardy it costs the dairy industry hundreds of millions of dollars. It will happily grow anywhere and is tolerant to herbicides.


Scarlet pimpernel

Anagallis arvensis can germinate and grow at any time of the year, without any help. It grows well and is commonly found in your flower gardens and is so small you do not notice it, until it has scrambled over all your plants. Like the name suggests, you see it here you see it there you see it every bloody where. Beautiful orange blooms all year long.

P1130798 (2)


Aristea eckloniiis a perennial with stiff, upright, iris-like leaves that grow up to 70 cm tall. In spring, dozens of small blue flowers are produced. It tolerates a wide variety of conditions, spreading easily forming clumps.  A constant gardening joy, because you never know where you will find it next.

P1130858 (2)

To my children.  Weeds here from our garden.  Look, truly look. The difference between flowers and weeds is your preconception.  In life, do not judge, see the beauty first, then decide.

Is anybody out there listening to me??

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