Advice Safe

Parenting – 18 words

It’s hard being a parent.  Training is given informally as we grow, good and bad examples are set, it’s rather a sloppy affair.  Society dictates ever changing rules, standards constantly evolve so we might measure our attempts.

Congratulate   Commiserate  Compare

It’s hard growing a perfect version of yourself, a kit bashed model of your parents, as they are theirs.  We strive to show the error of our ways; but man must see for himself to truly learn.

Experiment   Evaluate   Enlightenment

It’s hard to feel the failures.  A parent’s tangible learning, that last emotion, which cannot be taught. ‘You wait until you have children’, is filed away in the irrelevant drawer, under the heading I WILL DO BETTER.

Unimaginable  Uncontrollable   Unbearable

It’s hard to accept your dream is not theirs. Peel it back to the start, when all your dreams were for fingers and toes, happiness and health. Gentle words should carry advice, guidance not formed into dictation.

Acknowledge   Accept   Allow

It’s hard being a parent. Training is given freely by our children. Quoting fairness, exposing incompetence, reflecting the error of our ways through mirrored eyes. Layers settle, life stratum,  paths to be trodden by future generations.

Learning  Love  Life

It’s hard being a parent, free fall, part of the ride. A system of ideas, assumptions, notions and guesses, theory we struggle to confirm. I accept the work, the daily grind, blood, sweat and tears, it pays well.

Parenting   Proud   Point

There is no such thing as perfect parenting.  Do your best.  Love mum x

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