Jokes and Ditties


I Call To My Cat – in an egg timer kind of way


“Twinkle”…….I call my cat she ignores me

“Hey beautiful.” I plead into the dark

She hears me………. I know it

I whistle our food call

Again I am ignored

“Come on girl…….

Come inside”



It’s cold

She is shadows

I am not necessary

“Come on ……..I have food”

I shake the box…..”your favorite”

She smiles in the dark, hidden from me

 I need her…………….. more than she needs me






7 thoughts on “Jokes and Ditties

  1. Love it! my cat always crouched just out of reach if she had managed to escape outside. As she got older she would only go as far as the neighbours path and lie there, easy to see and easy to catch.


  2. Fun poem. It’s hilarious when pets ignore us. From a bystander’s perspective at least. And it was really cool how you managed to shape this poem so perfectly into an hourglass.


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