Jokes and Ditties



Are we Nearly there Yet??


Are we nearly there yet?

said the tortoise to the hare.

I can’t believe you’re asking that

we’ve not gone anywhere.

Can you see the line yet?

the Tortoise  was not deterred

This time Hare ignored him

made like he hadn’t heard

It just it feels like ages

and I’m really hungry now.

The Hare was losing patience


he turned and asked him how.

You must be still digesting

all that cabbage that you ate.

The Hare was seriously considering

his choice of running mate


Are we nearly there yet?

the Tortoise moaned again

Why do you keep asking me?

you’re driving me insane

 I really think I need to rest

I’ve walked almost a mile


I think that you’re forgetting Hare

I’m a veggie land reptile.


I see your shell is heavy

and your legs are very short

I really do not understand

why you chose this sport

Because of what my mother said

it’s not about the pace          

being quickest isn’t everything

Slow and steady wins the race

My dad bough me this.  It is made of slate.  I used to collect tortoises and had over 1000 of them from a real stuffed one to salt and pepper pots.



Cat and dog

spider and fly











Is anybody out there listening to me??

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