Jokes and Ditties


It’s a sticky situation

Do you think I’m sexy

said the spider to the fly

I’m not sure I should answer that

he buzzed a coy reply

My legs are long, my lips are plump

I’m told that’s what you need 

It’s a sticky situation 

I think we’re both agreed 


So, do you think I’m sexy

does my bum look big in black

The fly was trying desperately

to find a little slack


It’s a very simple question

do you think that I should change

I think that you are striking

the spider was in range

So you think of me as beautiful

with all your hundred eyes

It’s hard for me to judge you

I am used to seeing flies



er… I think you are amazing

that your beauty is within

So do you think me ugly then

you make me want to spin


I think if you feel comfortable

you should go out as you are

The spider ate that flakey fly

he was close but no cigar

cat and dog

Tortoise and Hare





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