Advice Safe

cropped-20180224_124936-2.jpgSometimes I feel

I look through my feet to the glittery water caught in the V of the horizon. My tummy is fat with brown bread and cheese, there was not much choice for a vegetarian, so I washed it down with champagne and was grateful.  I watch a pukeko stupid walk towards the long grass, squawking loudly to warn her chick to stay down, ‘there is a human out here, a human, stay hidden’ she says again I focus on my shoes, they are black and have molded to fit my feet perfectly.  They do not match my octopus print dress but it is a wedding by the beach; the tentacles on the fabric reach my ankles anyway, so I guess it’s alright, no one can see much of them. They are my comfortable shoes.  Today I am relaxed and comfortable, like my shoes, but sometimes I feel




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