The Green Folder


Lentils – so not brown and boring

A quick and simple guide to cooking and eating lentils

As a vegetarian, I am continually asked what I eat. Not in a, how do you get your protein way, literally most conversations go something like this:

waiterMe: Oh… No thanks

Meat Eater: Sure, they’re tasty?

Me: Thank you, no.

Meat Eater:  Go on, there’s plenty here.

Me: No thank you, sorry, I’m a vegetarian,

Meat eater: Do you eat chicken?

Me: No

Meat Eater: Fish?

Me: No, nothing with a face.

Meat Eater……..Oh….what do you eat then?

Me: Well a combination of nuts grains, vegetables, fruit, pulses……mostly.

Meat Eater and now usually with an on looker.  Snigger,  what’s a pulse?

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