The Green Folder


Beetroot deserves more than being trapped in a jar of vinegar

A quick and simple guide to cooking and eating beetroot

Beetroot the beautiful purple root emerged from the sea, many centuries ago.  She shook off her sea beet coat and it is said found a home in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. She went on to become highly esteemed by the Greeks and was even offered up to Apollo. The Romans adored her, Europeans in the mid-1500’s were fascinated by her and doctors used her. The beetroot, as we would recognise now, starts to appear widely in the 17th Century, loved for her sweetness and vibrancy.  Alas, the Industrial revolution was her downfall, she was trapped, pickled and placed in tins and jars.  We still haven’t truly released her. Let’s open the lid and make her beautiful again.

Beetroot does not have to be vinegar sodden, she can be delicate and beautiful.

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