Campfire Stories


Top 20 family games and how to play them

in no particular order and according to us.

I am a game fanatic, love, love, love to play family games.  I will pull in anyone who stands around long enough at a gathering, to play whatever game I am obsessed with at the time. We have 6 shelves of games,  more in another room, which I played with the children when they were young, just waiting, I will play them again. My husband and daughter mostly groan, roll their eyes and move into another room when they see me heading to the boxes of entertainment, but my son enjoys the cut and thrust of a good strategy game as much as I do.  We often play, just the two of us, but now he groans and rolls his eyes because he can beat me at almost everything and it is boring to win at everything.

I could have written about my top 100 family games, to compile a list of only 20 has been enormously difficult for me.  In the end, the games I have chosen are the ones that we play again and again.  I have tried to include a bit of everything. Looking at them on the table in front of me, most of them share the same traits. (spoiler alert I couldn’t do it, there are 21 here).

  1. They are easy to learn
  2. Quick to play
  3. Luck is just as important as strategy
  4. They make us laugh
  5. I do not win at any of them!!

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