The Red Folder


Bliss balls, providing perfect happiness in a bite??

Are Bliss Balls healthy?

I first made some little balls of goodness about 9 years ago, when I truly believed the children would eat them as an alternative to baking. I don’t know how to spell the noise the big fat red cross makes when Simon Cowell hits his button, but that’s  what I heard when I presented two hours of work to my two beautiful mini humas.  The boy one would not even try, I resorted to bribery in the end as he refused to even pick one up and the girl one took the smallest rabbit nibble possible. It was unanimous…………….Image result for x

I was to never, ever try to make them eat the yucky brown balls with bits in again.  SIGH.  I pushed the 24 balls around morosely and wondered how I could make anybody eat them, they were after all expensive to make and so very, very healthy.  My husband found them in the cake tin and heroically ignored them for a week and the kids were not fooled when they were reshaped and offered as biscuits, a base for a slice or cunningly disguised as a brownie.  The dog and I took one for the team, in retrospect I was a little heavy on the flax seed and the dog pooped out pumpkin kernels for days.

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