Campfire Stories


The Course continues – I need to catch a bigger audience

Day Eight: Resurfacing and Sharing Content.

I have to make a social media calendar, spread my wings and tweet a lot.   I think I have reached my limit now, I am too old and unmotivated to get involved in more social media.  My stats will help me promote older content and attract new traffic.  I had a mental image of me standing on the corner, in a spangly bikini and a placard saying LOOK AT ME.  It was not nice, and I have had to push away the chocolate cake I was eating.  I might just sit here at home and do my thing.  I do not think I have the energy to have thousands of followers.  I have linked stories of the same content together which is an awesome idea and is the stand out for me for day 8.

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Changing My Image


Day Two  – I have to audit myself.

Today’s task: audit your brand — look at all the ways your blog communicates to visitors to make sure it’s consistent and focused — and make one update to reinforce your brand.

Oh dear, it looks tricky and scary, but these guys know what they are doing, so I spent six hours today, changing themes. updating widgets, footers and headers and generally looking at this site, and the sites of those I admire.   It appears my theme was not longer being used – sad face-  Guess what I chose another theme, it is Penscratch 2, I was using Penscratch 1.  Hahahaha , I had no idea what I was already using, I hit the LIVE button and the sky fell in.  I lost all my custom settings.

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