The Red Folder

cropped-p1110784.jpgRed Folder recipe – Almond Danish

Breakfast Baked Goods – how very dare you, my name is Danish, and I am the king of pastry.

Yes, you too can make Danish Pastry without the dreary butter layers that need rolling and turning and putting in a bag with refrigeration after each roll. This is so fantastically easy and makes such a professional pastry, people do not believe I have just made them.  You do need a food processor and have to start the day before, but I just make the mix quickly after dinner is over with. When the children know I am making them, they fist pump and are happy to do the dishes, while I perform the magic!  It really is no trouble, there is a rise time of an hour and a half, all good things come to those that wait.

Half eaten, you can see the light pastry and the soft almond filling.

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