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Filo Parcels – how to fold the perfect triangle

Anything in pastry sells at the canteen, so parcels of yummy, regularly appear on the menu, they sell out fast.  I alway use a triangle shape when using filo because it is easy, cooks well and has great plate appeal.  I churn them out without thinking but people are always asking me how to do it.  It seems so simple, I feel silly doing this but I guess unless you have been shown, you do not know.  Here we go then.  Kids make a batch of these, eat them hot, cold, dinner, lunch or picnic.

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Spanaka what?

The best way to eat spinach

We make this at work, the simple Greek pie sits, luring with its eggy greenness.   Customers point; what is that? I giggle and look at my colleague, ‘it’s spankapotitta, spanikapota, it’s spinach and egg filo.’

“I’ll have some,” they say,  sometimes they smile and try to pronounce it themselves, but mostly they just take the pie and go.

P1120561 (2)
Spanakopita, filo, eggs, onions, feta, just add spinach.

So seriously, I know that it is Spanakopita and pronounced SPANA KO PITA but I used to say SPANI KOPITA, unless I stop and concentrate it comes out like I am trying to spit out feathers.  It does not matter for it is delicious, cheap and good for you.

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The Red Folder


Red Folder Recipe- Baklava

I think I have found it, the ultimate Baklava recipe

Where I used to live in London there was a thriving greek community and from a corner shop, the owners’ mum would sell tiny, aromatic and sweet, diamond filo pastry mouthfuls of heaven, straight from the baking tin.  I discovered later that the men used to sit at the back drinking black coffee and smoking waiting for the tray to come out of the oven as eagerly as I did.  I used to beg for the recipe and she would always shake her head no and say that if she told me I would not buy from her!  Of course, I know how to make Baklava but I could never capture that taste from London E17.P1110768 (2)

If I see Baklava in a cafe I will always try a piece, I do this with lemon tarts too, but that is another recipe.  Then a friend of a friend of a friend said, “try this”, and handed me a photocopy of a handwritten  list of ingredients and instructions. It is the closest thing I have made so far, so I popped it in the red folder and marked it E17 Baklava.  It is  toothache-sweet, and uses more sugar than I would use in three months, so I usually make a hybrid of the school cookbook version and the E17.  I leave you both here.  Be warned cut into small pieces, but you will keep going back to the tin. Continue reading “The Red Folder”