Nite fire small (3)

I am going to set fire to a washing machine.

I have wanted a fire pit for some time now but have not wanted to commit to a permanent site.  There are plenty of commercial free standing ones out there, but I have been looking for something, robust, mobile and cheap and so far in the looking, nothing has hit bullseye.  Time to upcycle.  I am going to use a washing machine drum. The drums are perfect, with the holes allowing good airflow, good shape and size plus minimal skills needed, depending on how far you take it.  Mine will probably sit on bricks and be used as a BBQ, allowing for toastie feet and marshmallow conversations in the cooler evenings.

I will draw inspiration from these two sources, as they appealed to me, there are however plenty of other options. Get a professional look  from house and fig or copy the mobile atomic version shown in the clip at the bottom of this page. Look up fire pit washing machine and be inspired.  Everybody’s doing it!



The drum could also make a  side-table with lights inside, paint it or cover with fake grass for an outside seat option.  The very light modern drums can be made into impressive light shades.  Who knew there was so much life left in an old washing machine.

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