Setting Goals


A Course On Blogging

I am recovering, I have two weeks off.  I have to rest my body but my mind does not need to or want to be still.  I started to write here, late 2015, in part because people said I should, apparently, I am a great raconteur, partly because I wanted my children to listen to me, partly because I am lazy and wanted to put all the recipes people ask me for in one place.  Mostly I write because there is so much inside me that needs to come out.

It is so easy for me to write, I mean to find content.  I write linearly, as I think, for the most part, rarely going back over my words to edit.  Once made, the marks stay.  I am not sure if I use the bricks we learnt at school metaphors, similes, personification, imagery, hyperbole, and alliteration, were there more? I just write.  No themes, no goals, no expectations, I just sit down and start typing, it is a case of who is first in the queue, pushing at the barrier to be heard.  This has always happened, I just keep my mess in one place now.

I do not follow others but want them to follow me??

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