Campfire Story

balance in all things (2)balance in all things (2)balance in all things (2)

A New Year – a brand new me

10 Points to look at to build a healthy, balanced approach to life.

A New Year always brings within its first month the scent of change.  For me, January wears a heady perfume of new resolutions, reflections with a slight undertone of regret. January is the year’s new paragraph; for me, it is also a very special month.  My daughter was born on the first and I married my husband on the last of its days, in between these two celebrations I always find myself vowing to be a better version of myself.  Generally, it takes the form of a Warrant of Fitness, where I check my health, eating and exercise habits, moderate my drinking and have a good cleanout of my life’s debris.  I mentally make a list of places I want to go, people I want to see and things I would like to achieve.  I sometimes even write these things down, but as you know by now, my random scrawlings are often lost to the wind.  My plans are normally a little loose and by March mostly forgotten, I suspect this is a typical pattern.  Hear my cry THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. Continue reading “Campfire Story”