The Green Folder


Hi, My name is Tofu – Please don’t hate me.

Tofu is basically curdled soybean milk.  It is made the same way as we make cheese, separating the curds from the milk and then pressing them into a block.  It is high in both protein and calcium, therefore as a vegetarian, it provides a handy ingredient for me.It is relatively mainstream now, and I can pick it up in my local veggie shop, but it is interesting that most of my cooking books go from toffee to tomato.  Three of my Vegetarian books barely pay homage to this versatile little block of white.  The word TOFU actually makes some people shiver involuntarily and it is passed over by chefs in favor of goats cheese 9 times out of 10.

 freeze your tofu first, it will transform your cooking.

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