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Couscous Balls – Seriously it works

I jumped up and down when it did, a happy combination.

Sometimes towards the end of the week, I look in my fridge and wonder what to do with its contents.  This is cooking off-piste and actually the most exciting and creative.  Somethings are nearly there and need tweaking, somethings just work straight away.  I had ½ a butternut squash, a bunch of spinach and some cooked couscous left from a previous dish. Drum roll please as I lift the tea towel and bring you………

21397216_1416739641714688_534755913_n (2)


I ate six in the testing and they sold so quickly I had to make another batch.  First time around I used fresh spinach, apricots and blue cheese because that is what I had to hand, in the second batch I used frozen spinach, feta and cranberries, which I photographed.  The soft centre and crunchy outside make this dish a versatile winner, use what you have.  I served them with an aubergine relish that I made and then a fig relish that was store bought, they are not fussy and ate well with both.  On a salad or in a wrap or pita, try them. You’re welcome!!

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