The Red Folder


Red Folder recipe – Millefeuille the posh custard square!

A classic pastry, seen in every French patisserie window that I have ever longingly pushed my face into.  I present it here in it’s simplest form, but you can ice the top, add fruit, make a spectacular large round, to dazzle your friends.  This recipe will make 5 individual pastries and as they are best eaten the same day,  it is just enough for us.

millefeuilleThere is something delightful about cutting through the ultra crisp pastry layers and melting into the smooth velvety texture of the filling.  This little stunner is so versatile, and can be filled with flavoured cream, curd or chocolate and layered with or without any soft fruit of your choosing.176944045_a6fbb37058


You can even make a savoury version, include a soft cheese and if using a vegetable par boil or your tower will not hold in the eating. Make it your own, but make it you must.


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