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How to make healthy Tomato Sauce

There are just some things that beg for a good tomato ketchup. Popular brands contain lots of sugar, so when tomatoes are cheap, I make my own, working with the vinegar makes my eyes water and the children complain but it is easy to make.  I use Heinz ketchup at home and this sauce is very close to this flavor.  I pour my sauce into the brand bottle and do not tell the children, as they would reject it on principle.  They have not caught me  yet!  Gary Rhodes put this together.

P1110821A healthier alternative to anything I have found to buy.  For example the brand I have just picked up contains 25.5g of sugar per 100ml, if you use all the sugar in this recipe then you reduce that to 16g and 8g per 100ml if you half sugar, half honey, as I do.

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