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Even big cheese stars need the chorus line

A quick and simple guide to cheeseboards

I recently put up a cheeseboard of mammoth proportions, hundreds of dollars worth of cheese on a board made from a 6ft table and a milk crate, it was epic.  Funny then, that most people commented on the small things that shared that space with the giant wheels, rounds, waxed and washed mountains of cheese.

It is a pretty standard rule for a cheeseboard something blue, something soft and a hard cheese, one piece of each is enough for 2 to 4 people.  As your guests increase so does the choice or quantity of the chosen ones, there is a mass of advice out there, you do not need me, choose what you love. Now, what makes your choices shine are the supporting cast to the big cheese stars, it is, after all, theater.

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Messrs date, pear, walnut, and biscuit.


Thank you, thank you, it’ nothing really, just doing our jobs

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