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Pearl barley, a blast from the past

A quick and simple guide to cooking and eating pearl barley.

Refined into barley malt for use in beer, fed to livestock or hidden in thick soups and stews; poor pearl has been on the bench for many years now.  Let’s give her some new dresses and ask her to dance!!  She is just as good as quinoa.

pearl barley salad
Just waiting for green leaves and roasted pistachioss for a complete vegetarian meal.

I actually do not like the texture of pearled barley in soups, I find it’s kind of slimy and chewy.  When I read that whole grains are a must for the postmenopausal woman I went on a whole grain mission. Pearled barley was on my list, but I left it to last, sad face, because of my stew bias.  It is a great source of fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals. Reading on Health benefits.  I sighed and looked up some recipes I have in old books, they were seriously uninspiring.  I was a little lost until I stopped thinking about pearled barley as pearled barley!!!!!  I thought of it as rice or quinoa. Everything changed.

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