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Spanaka what?

The best way to eat spinach

We make this at work, the simple Greek pie sits, luring with its eggy greenness.   Customers point; what is that? I giggle and look at my colleague, ‘it’s spankapotitta, spanikapota, it’s spinach and egg filo.’

“I’ll have some,” they say,  sometimes they smile and try to pronounce it themselves, but mostly they just take the pie and go.

P1120561 (2)
Spanakopita, filo, eggs, onions, feta, just add spinach.

So seriously, I know that it is Spanakopita and pronounced SPANA KO PITA but I used to say SPANI KOPITA, unless I stop and concentrate it comes out like I am trying to spit out feathers.  It does not matter for it is delicious, cheap and good for you.

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