Advice Safe

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Be safe at night – Make like a gecko, drop your baggage and run.


Whilst statistically you are no more likely to be attacked at night than in the day, these attacks do tend to be more violent. Life is good, attacks are rare, but they do happen and when you are not expecting them. This is just in case, prepared always does best.  Do not be afraid, be strong and aware.

As part of a team, I used to teach self-defense to woman.  Here is some of the advice that has stayed with me and I can share on the page.  It is worth noting that 90% of this is common sense and gender neutral. To my daughter, please find space in your bag for a light pair of socks in a plastic bag.  If you find yourself staggering home after too much to drink, alone, in high heels, take them off, put in the bag and put the socks on before you start.  Better sore feet and ruined socks than a ruined evening.  To my son, do not be a hero, anything but your life can be replaced.  Let them take it.  To my children, always think about how you are going to get home before you start your evening if you are going to drink. Travel with someone else or take a taxi.  If this is not possible then try and remember something from this list.   Continue reading “Advice Safe”