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Munchy Seeds – a powerhouse snack

Looking for a snack that is just not healthy but promotes health? I have been making these as a snack for years, my son actually tells me when we are running low! May I introduce to you the wonderful, magnesium rich,  vitamin loaded……

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Munchy Seed Mix

Skip to the bottom of the page to find out how if you do not need the blurb and just want a tasty, healthy snack!

For about 5 cups of munchy seeds, you will need a 120g bag of pine nuts,  a 190g bag of sunflower seeds,  and a 250g bag of pumpkin kernels, (or similar quantities),  Savoury spread -Marmite – and some water. It’s going to cost about $15 NZD for about 25 servings, ·60c a snack – less if you buy in bulk – I would say that is epic value, here’s why.


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