Campfire Stories


I just want a Lie in!

I was riding a goldfish, searching for an elusive treasure, sure I would find it on the next dive when my dream began to melt away.   Back in bed wide awake, I knew that it was sleep that I would have to find now.  The goldfish swam away and would have to search alone. I had been rudely dismounted by the noise of a chainsaw.

I gave up, so was up early once more, on a Saturday morning.  My neighbour’s attempts the day before to squeeze a 30 ft palm into a  6 ft skip had failed and he was back this morning with grit, 300 teeth and a can of petrol.  I got up, made a coffee, put some washing on and took the rubbish out, and found in the process, a plastic dial I had discovered abandoned on the floor of my daughters’ car.  The spindle had broken, I had brought it in to fix it some weeks ago.  Coffee made, paper down, super glue out, I would make use of the Saturday void, nobody else wanted to start the day just yet.

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