Campfire Stories


Old Life New Life

10:50 pm   I’m tired I’m going to bed now, coming with me or do you want to stay up late and annoy me?  Bed, oh good, let’s go then.  Just help me get ready and we can finish that chapter, then sleep.

12:15 am   Stop trying to close my eyes, it’s so annoying.  Let me read, just two more pages. No?  Actually, I agree it’s the sensible thing to do, can you help me just turn out the lights? What, I was just drifting off. Why are you asking now? I could have continued to read. Ummm I guess, I feel a bit uncomfortable, a little more than normal yes, something has changed, not much, but something.  No, I have not eaten properly today, ok for a while. Stop talking, you’re the one that started closing my eyes. I am not in the mood for this discussion. Goodnight.

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