Campfire Stories

black-and-white-alien-mdIt Can all get a bit weird

Am I an Alien?

I can be doing anything, cooking, eating, sleeping in the middle of a conversation and I have a random thought.    I look at other people, do they do the same, are they havingblack-and-white-alien-md weird images, the first verse, I can not tell, their eyes do not flicker. Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I explore it, sometimes I wonder if it is mine and throw it away.  But it always returns and sits cold, unformed.

Reading back over my pages it is apparent that I have always carried these shapes.  I am not always sure that I fit here on this planet, I look like the others, what if I am not normal, do not belong; me and my lumpy thoughts,  It can all get a bit weird.

 plant blog

I have found a planet called Blogland, I have discovered that it’s inhabitants write because that’s who they are, it’s in their blood.  It has been a great relief to find that I share my DNA with this community, here I am not an alien, I am a blogger an honest citizen. Writing is the fuel that drives my little spaceship whenever I want to visit. I have found another home.  I come in peace.

Those cold hard lumps of mine, are often thrown out onto the wheel. Sometimes what I think they will be they are, sometimes my cup becomes a saucer.


I keep these ones and glaze them and bring them with me in my ship.    Sometimes I can not even make out the shape or find a use, these lumps are too hard to work, I throw back down into the earth to soften.

Day Five: Make the Most of Your Archives

I have wasted hours going deep into my pages and found some that still made me laugh, and one that made me cry. I have added buttons so that I can find them again.  Thank you, great advice.

Day Six: Dig Deep Into a Social Network

I have found my community, a concept I had not thought of before.  Day six has been, for me, the realisation that this is not a digital diary, it is a conversation.  Not much work as I have all the links, today has been about enlightenment.  I do not know, how I did not know that. Perhaps I was a baby blogger and now I am a toddler.









Is anybody out there listening to me??

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