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I have a Crowded Mind

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Anyway About Me. Hi my name is Elaine, a working mum of 2 nearly adults. I was recently alarmed to find out that not all people have a cocktail cabinet.  I have been many things.  My interests are……well that’s the problem.

I recently hopped into a Facebook link which explored the fact, that as young children, there is an innocent expectation that we will grow up to be something in particular; find that in which we are naturally gifted and make it a way to earn a living.  Gender appropriate ‘aren’t you pretty or strong’ greetings are usually followed by ‘and what do you want to be when you grow up?’.  We routinely ask this of three and five-year-old children. I still do not know what I want to be and I have done much growing up!


Writer and artist Emilie Wapnick described the kind of people she calls “multipotentialites” — who have a range of interests and jobs over one lifetime. Are you one? she asks.  Yes yes yes, I tell my computer I am, I am. I find myself becoming obsessed with a subject, learning all I can and thinking that this might be it….my thing, until the next things bob into view and I am once again swimming beautifully around in another sea of information.  The problem, I have often felt, is that this cycle is a bad one, a failure on my part to stick to anything. This young, charismatic and insightful speaker’s words hung around with me for a week or two and gradually have allowed me, by stealth, to conclude that being interested in many things is…..MY THING!

Having many jobs and interests is my thing

The problem is, my head get crowded and I often write diaries or scrawl madly on random pieces of paper or old textbooks things that interest or inspire me, information that I want to learn more about or want to pass on.  I have a tatty old red folder full of recipes that I am routinely asked for, so will share that here. I have stories of my past for my children. I write and draw on walls about things I see and hear, why not then online?  So here I am, I offer a collision of ideas, thoughts and stories, random images that sometimes go nowhere until they are needed.  Here is my mind magazine, a place to keep things that might be read one day.crowdedmimd.co

Thank you for taking time to be here with me, you will find many categories on this site, recipes, and cocktail ideas, an advice box full of anecdotes.  Adventures with my dog in Blue talk and some guest blogs by people I love and know and, of course, the musings of a middle-aged woman in campfire stories and jokes and ditties.  The images are the things all around me, my home, my journeys and are used partly so my children are reminded of their family home. I sometimes borrow and will give credit when due. Use the category buttons to find me.


Writing helps me make sense of things

I love playing games with my family

I write about my days

And play around with words

I talk about the food in my life

and see this as a diary for my children

I leave the cocktails I share with friends

and explain how I feel about getting older

I write about my son

include my daughter

and poke fun at my husband

But mostly I just try and be me

seaweed head

As I said, I talk a lot. lol.





18 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has to explore what every sparkling light has to offer. Diving into “new and different ” keeps me going…. till the next “new and different ” comes along…. then it’s on to a new adventure. Don’t try to suppress it. I’ve tried a few times and I ended up miserable. I’ve never missed s meal and always pulled my weight; just not like most people. Life is too short to take it seriously. Enjoy.

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  2. Very poignant ‘ABOUT’ if I may say so. Brilliantly written and so on-point with another mum here of two almost grown up children. I’ll let you know what I want to be when I’ve had time to think about it! Haha xx


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